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FDA, ATKINS, COORS, MCDONALD’s presenting at Low Carb Conference

NORTHBROOK, Ill. – Wanda Kelker of the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling and Dietary Supplements will headline an informative group of speakers at the Low Carb Manufacturers Alliance’s marketing conference, April 15 in Chicago, co-sponsored by Progressive Grocer and Low Carb Energy.

In addition to a discussion on the FDA’s current thinking on carb claims, labeling and enforcement, the conference will feature other experts in low-carb marketing: Matt Wiant, Chief Marketing Officer, Atkins Nutritionals, discusses building and maintaining the low-carb category.

Ken Hehir, Brand Marketing Director, Coors Brewing Company, explains strategies for marketing low-carb products and lessons learned from light beer marketing.

Shelley Rosen, Senior Director, McDonald’s Corporation’s “Eat Smart. Be Active.” Program, discusses McDonald’s strategy for reaching out to customers with healthier menu options, including low-carb choices.

Paul Stitt, Chairman, Natural Ovens Bakery, says merging science and taste to provide customers with great-tasting, low-carb products isn’t enough to succeed in the long-run. He’ll discuss long-term strategies for ensuring this isn’t a fad that fizzles.

Alison Kretser, MS, RD, Director of Nutrition and Scientific Policy, Grocery Manufacturers of America discusses the need for clear, consistent labeling standards as an important reference point for consumers searching for foods to help achieve their dietary objectives.

Larry Shiman, Director, Opinion Dynamics, explains why low-carb diets are far more than the typical diet fad, and why they aren't going away any time soon. He’ll discuss his recent survey – one of the largest conducted on low-carb lifestyles – which found that 24 million American adults are on low-carb diets and another 44 million will “go low carb” in the next two years.

Maryellen Molyneaux, President, the Natural Marketing Institute, discusses the NMI’s new report, The Low Carb Weight Manager, including consumers’ health and diet motivations, attitudes toward food, carbs, fat, and other ingredients.

“This will be the most informative, focused opportunity to-date for anyone and everyone involved in the low-carb arena to come together to learn and share best practices,” says Kyle Cox, Publisher, Low Carb Energy magazine. Cox will moderate a panel of leading advertising agency executives discussing marketing and advertising trends and techniques that work (and don’t work) for low-carb products.
For more information on the LCMA and its April 15 marketing conference, including a full list of speakers and a registration form, visit

Low Carb Manufacturers Alliance Announces April Conference

NORTHBROOK, Ill. –  With the start of the new year comes the season of new year’s diets, and no two words are more prevalent than low carb. Mindful of Americas’ escalating obsession with low-carb diets, manufacturers are creating a multitude of new and modified low-carb products to serve consumer demand.

The Low Carb Manufacturers Alliance (LCMA), a new organization created for major brands servicing the low-carb lifestyle, will hold a conference April 15, 2004 in Rosemont, Illinois to hear from industry leaders on the future of the low-carb trend.

“The Low Carb Manufacturers Alliance and its upcoming conference will play an important role in bringing together brands that have always stood for quality, but now are also becoming brands that are ideal for low-carb lifestyles,” said Jeff Johnson, Director of Marketing, No Name Steaks, and a member of the LCMA Advisory Panel.
“What sets the LCMA apart is its focus on established Brands, working in the best interest of the consumer’s long-term health,” said Paul Stitt, Founder of Natural Ovens Bakery and an LCMA Advisory Panel member. Stitt’s company, with a new line of low-carb bread products and a healthful heritage, saw a 63 percent sales growth in 2003.

“We've already seen an explosion of interest in low-carb products and the signs are that 2004 will be a banner year in the category," said Tom Weir, Editor-in-Chief, Progressive Grocer magazine, a co-sponsor of the LCMA's April 15 conference.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by, and published in Progressive Grocer, found that 80 percent of shoppers place a high value on brands, saying “familiarity with the company” is “very” or “somewhat” important when making food purchases. also found that 74 percent of American consumers surveyed were on low-carb diets.

The one-day conference will bring together major brands for the first time, to share best practices and lessons learned as pioneers in the growing low-carb arena. To register for the April 15 conference, click HERE.

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