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Following are quotes to appear in the March 2004 issue:

"It wasn't until hearing Zonya Foco speak in Chicago at the Registered Dietitian's meeting did I realize what bad nutritional shape Atkins eaters had put themselves into. She discussed the fiber deficiency, Omega-3 deficiency, and the deficiencies of many other essential vitamins and minerals. I realized that with our existing technology, and discovering some new technologies, that we could very nicely help solve the nutritional deficiencies of the typical low carb diets." 

-- Paul Stitt
-- Founder, Natural Ovens Bakery

“The sale of low carb products is growing
at triple digit rate. We see no slow down.”

-- Karianne Cole
-- Spokesperson , Albertsons Inc.

Albertsons is rolling out low-carb sets at 2,300 stores across the country. The sets range in size depending on the demand in the neighborhood; the largest set is up to 80 individual items.

“We’ve been waiting for manufacturers to come up with better-tasting low carb products, and we’re starting to see those now … new artesian breads, cheeses. The choices are more promising than six months ago, and address our concerns over shipping, shelf life and packaging.”

-- Larry Doyle
-- Executive Chef, T.G.I. Fridays

The restaurant chain rolled out a new low-carb menu, in partnership with Atkins, in late 2003, and is preparing for Phase II menu offerings for Spring/Summer.



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