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While every day new, low-carb products are introduced in nearly every category, the low-carb food industry is in its infancy. One of the greatest challenges faced by companies looking to succeed in this space is getting consumers to actually taste their product.
The Low Carb Manufacturers Alliance, together with its marketing partner, Blue Chip Health & Wellness, is introducing three different sampling opportunities for manufacturers:
A perfect opportunity for manufacturers of nationally-distributed low-carb products, eager to generate substantial awareness and trial. The Low Carb Energy snack kit will be distributed to 250,000 adults 25-54 years old between late May and early July. Each kit will contain five different shelf-stable products and be distributed by an educated and extremely credible professional. Consumers will be encouraged to visit a website to provide feedback on the products (another benefit to participating manufacturers) and get information on additional low- carb products from the same companies.
This program is designed for both large and medium-sized manufacturers of low-carb products. It is ideal for companies testing new products and/or intending to roll their new products out in geographic waves as compared to national distribution. It will be smaller in scale (150,000 sample kits) but each kit will contain more products, coupons etc. It too will target adults 25-54 and be available in each of the top 20 markets. The program will begin in early May and continue throughout the spring/summer. 
Educating the consumer is almost as important as the taste of a product. Throughout this spring, summer and fall, we will be providing collaborative sampling programs at hundreds of retail locations around the country. Unlike other in-store sampling programs, our events will be both entertaining (to capture the consumers attention) and educational. A trained professional, very knowledgeable about the low-carb lifestyle will be present at each event, to answer questions about the specific products being sampled and low-carb foods, in general. Up to five low carb products will be featured/sampled. 

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