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The Low Carb Manufacturers Alliance provides research, education and public affairs on behalf of nationally established manufacturers, distributors and marketers of low carb products. The LCMA is the premier source of information and services for established brands that want to maintain a competitive advantage in the growing low carb industry.

“What sets the LCMA apart from other low-carb groups is its focus on serving America's established brands, as opposed to the crop of lesser-known brands that are solely associated with health and diet foods.”

-- Iris Shaffer
-- Executive Director, LCMA


April 15, 2004
Hyatt Regency O'Hare
Cost: $595

The Low Carb Manufacturers Alliance’s Low Carb Marketing Conference brings together thought leaders and pioneers from America’s established brands who are producing and marketing innovative low carb products. This one day event will feature presentations and panel discussions, sharing of best practices and networking opportunities.


The LCMA produces a bi-monthly (six times per year) paper newsletter with in-depth interviews and insights to help low-carb manufacturers to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

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Low Carb Manufacturers Alliance • P.O. Box 903 • Northbrook, IL 60065 • (847) 287-CARB • Iris Shaffer, Executive Director