Is the Paleo Diet the Best Low Carb Diet?

Recent studies have revealed that most of the people have adopted low carb diet. This is because it significantly reduces body weight as well as lowering the cholesterol level. The industries have a task of manufacturing quality low carb diet so as to meet the objective of reducing weight loss.

Is the Low Carb Craze Really Over?

Low carbohydrates vary from one diet to another. In some diets, there are extreme restrictions of carbohydrate while others only limit carbohydrates’ primary whole grain. Low carbs depends on how the diet is adhered to. However, industries have ushered in approximately 3,000 new products which don’t meet to the required standard. . This has resulted in a diet craze. Thus, the selling of the products in both the supermarkets and stores has caused weight management to be difficult. Industries should make quality low carb products so as to avoid such diet craze. As seller of the products, you should do a research on the companies which manufactures quality low carb products. This will enable you to gain confidence on the customers.

FDA Tightens Guidelines on Low Carb Claims

Currently, FDA has send warning letters to manufacturers who claimed that there products are low carb. Consequently, they have enforced vey strict standards. Hence, tightening requlations as well as taking enforcement action. If you own an industry, you are required to notify the FDA before introducing any low carb product. Nevertheless, there is a report which has incorporated numerous recommendations of an industry. The information includes the product’s warning labels. As a seller of low carb diets, ensure that you go for the genuine products so as to avoid being in the wrong side of the law.

Is the Paleo Diet the Best Low Carb Diet?

Paleo diet perfectly fits into the low carb. This is because of its inherently very high intake of healthy fats, abundant vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins. It is important to note that paleo diet needs to be low carb especially for the athletes. The diet also comes with a myriad of benefits such as reduction of high blood pressure, treatment of type2 diabetes and increasing blood circulation. Manufacturers needs to come up with low carb paleo diet as it is beneficial. Also, the marketers are supposed to go for products with low carb paleo diet.

How Low-carb Diets Still Affect Restaurants?

Recently, low carb diet is not getting the media attention it was receiving a decade ago. However, it is becoming popular. Hence, it has created an impact on restaurants. According to the statistics which was done by an online marketing firm, nearly a third of the low carb users have some dietary restrictions. The survey also indicated that 16% deals with high protein diets while 4% said that they are supposed to take heavy paleo low carb diet. Nevertheless, a large number of Americans are are cutting down things like pasta and bread. Thus, they want to consume low carb diet. As a low carb diet manufacturer, you need to make large suppliers of the products and you will get ready market from different restaurants. In addition to that, the marketers should sell the products to restaurants as there are ready markets available.



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